Saturday, 19 Oct 2019


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These are the BEST Fortnite console building tips for PS4 (PlayStation) and Xbox One!


Fortnite Mobile iOS/Android Controller! (Working)

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36 thoughts on “2018 BEST Fortnite Console BUILDING TIPS! (HOW TO BUILD FAST IN FORTNITE)

  1. Is there reset building option? Idk how many times I’ve died because I’ve Tried building walls fallowed by stairs and I pull up a freaking floor or roof. Especially when the adrenaline is high you have no time to think you just gotta react.

  2. Reset building is a must because when your getting shot at you don’t want stairs you want walls. If you need to build stair you have to literally click twice then use the ramp pieces. They don’t reset in between each time you place stairs. They reset after you totally click off the building.

  3. i just use the pyramid edit it to stairs and keep my build to the reset back to wall so i just click rb and lb back and fourth on xbox its the quickest way in console.

  4. Wait… didnt you upload this before? I thought you already uploaded this>>>??? im soooo confused!!!!??????? Dylan are you okay? why did you upload this twice?

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