Saturday, 24 Aug 2019
Day: June 10, 2019

Pokemon GO Fest DEAD! Tickets REFUNDED

John Hanke Booed Off Stage At Pokemon GO Fest Pokemon GO Fest is getting worse by the minute, so bad that Tickets are being refunded for people that attended the event and everyone gets $100 in Pokecoins. Pokemon GO Fest Issues Team Valor Girl +–New Pokemon Games & Products–+ SNES…

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How To Download Asphalt 8:Airborne On Windows (8/9/10)

HOWTODOWNLOAD: 1.You’ll need a video 8+ Computer or Laptop 2. Open Your Windows Store 3.Search for Asphalt 8:Airborne 4. select it or click on it 5. Free download it 6. Run the game and have fun!!!! Google Account: » « YouTube Account: » « Facebook Account:» « Thanks For Watching Hope You Liked The Video. […]

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What are Asphalt 8 credit pass actually?

According to me it’s another way to sell soft credits which is only a game credits and in reality its nothing. When Asphalt 8 has no fools to buy their products they fool others by luring them. And that’s why the made fast-lane FESTIVAL its connected.

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