Sunday, 8 Dec 2019

34 Bomb in Season X (Fortnite Mobile)

Hey thanks for watching and showing support guys I appreciate it

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42 thoughts on “34 Bomb in Season X (Fortnite Mobile)

  1. Look at the person who plays on mobile where most of the players there dont even play comp they play for fun and hes there just to laugh at them go play arena and get ur ass kick by console and pc and see how it feels

  2. Hey zensored! I’m a fellow mobile player who plays 6 finger claw on duckythegamer’s hud. Should I switch to a more pro and technical hud like yours? Or should I stick to what I’m using

  3. If anyone’s interested, this Wednesday, August 14, at 4PM EST, I will be hosting a Fortnite Mobile Duos Tournament. If you wanna participate go check out the vid i just posted.

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