Monday, 26 Aug 2019

ARMORED MEWTWO LEAK in POKEMON GO! NEW Trailer Incoming!? | Pokemon Sword and Shield News (RS) #2

A new series #RumorSunday is HERE! We talk about a supposed Pokemon Sword and Shield “leak” about a new Trailer + final starter typings & go over the Armored Mewtwo trademark leak in Pokemon Go!

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33 thoughts on “ARMORED MEWTWO LEAK in POKEMON GO! NEW Trailer Incoming!? | Pokemon Sword and Shield News (RS) #2

  1. I have a theory that in the original we see ash battling a donphan with his bulbasaur but in the re make a clip in the trailers shows that scene of bulbasaur battle a Pokemon that can use fire type moves ? hmm little change from original apart from togepi donphan was the only second gen we had seen so maybe this will replace donphan with a new gen 8 pkmn

  2. I decided to sub to you because your content is great. You’re entertaining to watch, and you keep it real for us. Keep up the great work Sacred, glad I decided to check you out!

  3. Im gonna drop a greatest theory ever here; we already have possible leaks like wooden horse+ ıron serpent and great wolf legendary. we dont have a pokemon-Z or something like that so this game gonna be definetly related to X&Y but Everyone nearly sure about we are not gonna visit there(post game). so where we can go for post game? what is the neighbors of england? and we talk about armored evolutions, swords, shields… we have a giant on the hill with a possible weapon and fiery breath. maybe a snow giant or maybe ragnaros?? lets sum all of them for you ; !NORDİC MYTHOLOGY! ODİN's horse, midgard serpent, snow giant, loki's wolf fenrir(or more over f*ckng odin also has two wolwes!!), we already see ygdrssil's dragon and deer(X&Y!) and many others… I bet regional starter bird is a raven and got very cool flying-ghost typing.

  4. holy shit.
    Is this gonna be the game where we finally get an Ice type as early as route 1?

    Ice is one of my favourite types. this would be insane.

  5. Lol a bard is not quite a magician. A bard in a traditional sense, is a poet and musician that sings songs about legends, heroes and sometimes history. In the past, most people couldn't read or write and books/scrolls were rare and expensive. So bards were the ones who passed on these famous tales and songs to the common folk.
    However in video games a bard maybe an NPC or party member that gives the player clues or quests.
    If they are in your party they are usually the stat buffers/debuffers.
    As for the Mewtwo stuff..
    Let's not forget that at the beginning of Pokémon Geovanni and Team Rocket had a Mewtwo with armor on. It wasn't to enhance it's power, it was to mind control it.

  6. The armor actually did change Mewtwo's stats in the anime. It was intended to suppress his power, so if it had game mechanics tied to it, it would probably reduce some stats and boost defense. Seems useless tho

  7. Hey Nick!:D I like how you present your Leak Based videos. More from your perspective instead of saying "This is how it is." There are just some people who are literally milking. You are not. I like seeing your perspective of Leaks/Rumors and a lot of your intake on what you were analyzing from the information given, I could agree with almost 100% ^-^

  8. I think the Slakoth line should get a variant. Probably have them part steel. Since there is industrial parts of the game the Pokémon actually working instead of being lazy effects the or Something like that. I mean they had a Pokémon type changed for eating pancakes lol.

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