Monday, 16 Sep 2019


We now have the stats and moves for Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon GO.
▪️Shadow Pokemon means to obtain revealed
▪️Shiny Entei Raid day and counters
▪️Armored Mewtwo stats and moves added
▪️40,000 XP pre legendary raid

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  1. I’m excited for an opportunity to invest in my legacy mewtwos candy count without devoting all rare candy to. My hyperbeam guy will hopefully become a bit more useful with a second charge move. I’m also hoping to have enough left over to finish maxing out my highest iv legacy since it’s already invested into the second move and is at like level 34 ?

  2. I’m not too upset about armored Mewtwo but I think it should be better than Lugia. Lugia has 235 stamina compared to AMewtwo’s 214 stamina. Lugia also has a higher defense stat with a stat of 310 but, AMewtwo has a defense of 278. But the big surprise is that Lugia even with higher bulk has higher attack stat of 193 well AMewtwo has an attack stat of 182.

  3. I think this makes sense to armored mewtwo to lose attack because in the original movie the armor control its power so yeah
    Pokeak predicted it right lool I knew that would be the case too

  4. Rampodos is very risky especially when entei learns iron head which is super effective to rampodos since they are weak to steel type moves lol anyways I will rather play safe and use kyogre all the way.

  5. Trading gyarados with dragon breathe/twister below 1500 cp

    Looking for a multi trade.
    Golem mud shot/ancient power below 1500
    Magneton thundershock/discharge below 1500
    Both must be dual

  6. What if purifying a shadow Pokémon gives you the legacy move? Considering all the known Pokémon to be shadow Pokémon know a legacy move? Excluding Rattata and Zubat. But those are common team rocket pokemon.

  7. Another quality player experience from Niantic!!! They couldn't balance shyte on a shovel…and I just bought some Ultra Boxes for raiding Mewtwo…I am pissed off to the max!

  8. Catch one good one and done. The attack really didn't need such a massive drop. But that is what was expected. This thing is gonna be a bitch to bring down with that crazy high defence though.

  9. Where it says raid boss cp 41299 or 50581 confirms this leak is fake
    As seen in the right image it’s different cp and I believe this “armour” is only like a skin over nothing more tbh.

  10. In what case would gyara be out classed by a feraligtr

    And if the purified Pokemon learned return wouldn’t the shadow Pokemon have frustration?

  11. I honestly dont get why people are sad about this, its hecking armor mewtwo from the movies with amazing moves, its gonna be a beast in its own right and cool as hell to have. Attack isn't everything on a pokemon, and its sad people dismiss it just because of that.

  12. pretty sure you can get those 5 free passes at the same gym (or any gym). You can get the free pass at the gym, do the raid there and respin it after the raid and you'll get another pass from the same gym. It's just most people are already off to the next gym by then

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