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Asphalt 8: Airborne Walkthrough – Part 53 – Career Season 8: AIRBORNE

Asphalt 8: Airborne
August 22, 2013

Walkthrough – Part 53
Career Mode
Season 8: AIRBORNE

Graphic Setting = HIGH


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48 thoughts on “Asphalt 8: Airborne Walkthrough – Part 53 – Career Season 8: AIRBORNE

  1. Man, I really miss old Asphalt 8😢,because the new version and update is a sh*t, old version one the garage background is on a building stuff look so luxury with nights and car price are cheap, not like new one car garage background is shitty beach, stupid tokens and blueprints update make me wanna delete this game. I really hope Gameloft can change back to older version of Asphalt 8, it just a normal racing games, not pay to win game, credit card cars is now tokens are sh*t blueprints. Gameloft is really want our money, now this game isn't popular right now, I am f*cking exited which rubbish update will be come, more trash update to let people leave this game? Gameloft, you listen, if you shut this game down I will break your office.

  2. 7:15. In the race: TOKYO: the star in 4th place is Knockdown: 8. This race only 6 racer but knockdown to 8 racer and is too very hard to catch which way for opponent run to knockdown it. Each lap through way got a traffic small and big in is race. The racer must careful. You need to find which can be way to each lap choose to take down. So you can need to try knockdown fully 8 racer in 2 lap at before finish if you want to earn this star.

  3. Shit game. It's like your typical race car game. You have to play and
    play and play and play the maps over and over and over and over again,
    until you learn the maps. The maps/tracks are super stupid. The cars are
    too too fast for the stupid tracks. They need a lot more open maps,
    like a lot more desert maps. The cars are super fast exotic cars that go
    220-255+ mph for stupid curvy maps. Some of the maps are overkill.

  4. Chay an gian nhiru qua troi nguoi ta chay duong chinh moi hay con ong nay chuyen om cua khong dep mat nua chi duoc cai xu ly may cai tinh huong toc do cao la hay thoi

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