Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Don't Play Pokemon Go While Driving…

Today we play Pokemon Go in Utah while we try to get started on our Celebi Quest! I hope you guys enjoy the video thank you all so much!!! I also just relaunched my Patreon so go ahead and give that a look if you can!

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18 thoughts on “Don't Play Pokemon Go While Driving…

  1. Hey, Hey Elijah 😎

    How's things your ways? Anyways thanks for dropping your short video.. But very valuable information that you have shared.

    What I am talking about is about the mythical quests for Mew and Celebi. Now i have a few friends who just got back into the game again.. And some of them stopped part way thru their Mew quest, and now we have celebi to get.

    I was going to ask someone on twitter about it.. But your video shows that you can do both Mythical tasks at the same time. Now I can tell my friends that they can do the tasks at the same time.. Like you said.. Kill 2 birds with one stone. As my poor friends don't Know what to do.
    Thanks for sharing that information 👍

    Oh.. I remember eating In & Out when I was in America 5 yes ago… I actually quite like that burger place.. More than I can say about other places. But the way you had your burger.. I haven't tried that way.. Might have to give it a go when I'm in America again…might not be for a while… When I win the lottery 😂😂

    Oh.. We hit great friends in Pokemon go…. Yay
    Now to get to ultra friends and then the last one.. So I can trade you some shinys that you would need, or even some legendary monz you might need.. Or want (maybe even a Shiny murkrow, if I have some spare.. I can't believe I have 5 of them already😱😱😱😱😱.. And one is going to Eze Baum Vlogs as he is going to be here in New Zealand on Thursday..and I will catch up with him on Friday) it's going to be a awesome day.

    Well Ho-Oh raids came and went. I managed to get 2 shiny's.. I know it's hard to do raids where you are.. But I hope there is a pokemon go community not far away from you, so you can get out and do some raids with them..that's when you're not working that is.

    Um.. So the cops pulled you over for speeding? That's not good. I hope you get fight it… Maybe the cop just wanted to pull anyone over.. And you were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Well Elijah, I hope you have a fantastic day and week. Can't wait to see what else is instore for the #WatzFam, especially when your going thru all your mythical tasks for both Mew and Celebi.

    My break is over now.. Time to go back to work. Hope you're doing well.
    Take care
    From Jay and I

  2. I played pokemon go when driving and ended up hitting an old lady 🙁
    I went to the police station the next day and admitted to it but the officer said they literally had no idea who had done it so I could of got away with it. Moral of the story I should have kept my meowth shut and I would have got a away with it.

  3. Damn you Elijah Watz Damn you – watching this video and now I have to go to In and Out for a double double with fries and a chocolate shake. and In & Out is not really my favorite.  LOL  Another great vlog, and you don't ever have to apologize for not posting all the time.  You will post when you have time, since you now have a life and a job, or 2 you have content or time to get content.  Would love to have you on my Pokémon friends list to send you gifts.   Love ya Kid.

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