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Entei Deep Dive In Pokemon Go! (How Good Is Entei?)

Entei Deep Dive In Pokemon Go! (How Good Is Entei?)
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34 thoughts on “Entei Deep Dive In Pokemon Go! (How Good Is Entei?)

  1. Famous should trade a shiny each to his subscribers once he reaches 100000😂😂😂
    I badly want his SD shiny Tyra😬😬
    Totally support you in reaching the milestone coz of the gifted content you make!!!
    Deep dive is ❤️

  2. I love my entei. It's my first ever hundo legendary. It's maxed out with a 2nd move (not that I ever use it) and it's got a permanent spot in my gym attackers party. mainly for taking out metagross but also against any grass types. Also I think it looks cool 🙂

  3. I think as far as a Mono-Fire Type Blast Burn Blaziken is the #1 DPS but when Sky Attack hits for Super-Effective (Bug and Grass) Sky Attack Moltres takes over as #1. For countering Ice though Fire is the 2nd or 3rd best in BB Blaziken of course. I'm going by DPS so I'd only assume TTW would line up accordingly. My estimates are credited to Gamepress' Comprehensive DPS/TDO Spreadsheet so if that's outdated or inaccurate then I apologize for the claim.

  4. So you know how last year we had the end of summer month long Raids with the Birds all as the Boss?
    Calling the same thing to happen before we get a Deoxys Raid Month where each form gets its own 7 day spawn period.

  5. Kinda disappointed it seems we aren’t getting special moves this go around unlike last summer with the birds. Entei needs some love along with Suicune 💙 for surrree needs all the help it can get

  6. A bit unrelated but will we be seeing a new video about the new moves added like "Will wing attack/ sky attack moltres become the best Flying type attacker" etc? I love your videos and this video will be helpful I guess…

  7. Entei may not be quite as good as Moltres or Blaziken but if you personally like it you're not losing out on too much if you power one up and use Entei in fire situations.

  8. Excellent analysis as usual. Thank you!! Entei is a very cool pokemon, so at the cost of a little bit of power, my plan is to assemble the world's greatest fire raid team: one regular moltres; one shiny moltres; one regular entie; one shiny entei; one shiny blaziken; and one shiny Charizard. That is a very great and cool team!!

  9. What if Niantic had Only Soloable raid bosses like Scizor, though instead of being able to Catch it.. You would just get rewarded for 20 candy, Milotic and other bosses that can not be raided would be fun.

    Please comment and respond other bosses people would lime to see.

  10. Is Entei highly competitive as a fire attacker? Yes, yes it is.
    Is it the absolute best option? No, for that you want a Moltres.
    Do you get great value from Entei? Yes, it is pure fire with great stats.
    Is it future proof? Well, not really.
    Should you power it up? It is not a bad investment, but not the best of the best, so up to you.
    Personly I find him badass.

  11. Since I now have a car, hopefully the other mall with 3 gyms will be good since its usually good with having 6 – 9+ people everytime I do a L5 raid when I happen to be there.

    My local mall is garbage since wasted the entire 3 hours during the Raikou only managing to get no more than 3.

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