Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019

Ferocious Cup Practice – No Umbreon the MVP – Pokemon GO PvP

Over the last week I’ve had some embarrassing loses in the Ferocious Cup. It feels bad in the moment but you must learn from it and keep practicing. Today I tried no Umbreon on my team but it seemed my opponents didn’t use Umbreon either. Next time I’ll make sure I battle against Umbreon when I don’t have one on my team. I hope you’ve already have secured your last resort Umbreon and you’re on the right path to getting good. Thank you for watching the video.

Here is the video of Purple…

10 thoughts on “Ferocious Cup Practice – No Umbreon the MVP – Pokemon GO PvP

  1. Ggs and well played! So much to learn here… this cup is weird lol. But I’m with you on no Umbreon, I don’t have a LR and I don’t wanna use it without it. For now I’m trying Arat and it’s… pretty good! Not sure yet but so far I’m liking it

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