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37 thoughts on “FIX ANY FORTNITE CRASH (UE4 CRASH FIXED)||All seasons

  1. Noting of this is not working for me
    I have integrated graphic card Ryzen 3 2200 G with Vega 8 graphic and i updated all my drivers and again crashing. I launc the game i playing and 5,10 minuts playing and crash, i again launch the game and i play 30 minuts probably more and crashing, i again launch the game and not crashing and i play 2,3 hourse and not crashing
    My English is bad, but I think you understand what I said

  2. plzzzz can anyone fix my problem I have my fortnite keeps crashing
    and I have stuttering in game then crash I see fortnite win64 in task manager
    not responding and I see a program called waitfor.exe when I end task for this program
    I tells me game security violation detected 000001 ?????

  3. This is my pc system : AMD athmon x2 220 2.8ghz | 4 GB ram | ATI radeon 4200 HD
    and i have crush tell me now
    what is the problem from the pc or another problem ?

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