Monday, 26 Aug 2019

Fortnite: 5 Advanced Tips & Tricks #2

In this video, I show you 5 advanced TIPS and TRICKS that you can use to become a lot better at Fortnite! If you are new around here and found any of these helpful, feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications to never miss a video! Have a great day (:


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43 thoughts on “Fortnite: 5 Advanced Tips & Tricks #2

  1. I know one to bait players when they are in your previous 1by1 you edit a door on the wall and you edit it egain and the player cant open the door and then you open a window and shoot

  2. Just found your channel and watching all your tip videos I’m a upcoming mobile player if you wanna see my clips there on my insta nova_mobile_tfue the tilted one is very useful thank you ?

  3. imspeedygonzoles did not make the cone jump. he uploaded his vid november 4 and areal made his novemeber second so areal made it not speedy. just saying he has 498 subs currently

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