Monday, 27 Jan 2020


Fortnite meteoric rise challenges guide + secret scientist style skin in Fortnite Battle Royale! This features all of the new “A Metoric Rise” challenges including where to find the giant glowing cube, rift above loot lake, landing pod within a meteor, and also glitched foraged items. Oh and can’t forget all of the rift zones! But there’s also a secret leaked challenge involving a secret for the scientist that may be available next update!

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50 thoughts on “Fortnite METEORIC RISE CHALLENGES + SECRET SCIENTIST STYLE SKIN! (Landing Pod Location)

  1. Its October 10th 2019. I found the secret challenge. You can get white scientist skin. All you have to do is use the scientist skin and backpack, go to dusty depot and if you guys know right next to bottom of the rocket there is a machine when you go near it it says in… someting. You just do it and enjoy the white skin. Btw equals a like at leats

  2. The rocket will blow up the island. The last stop means the battle bus is leaving. The scientist is the visitor with brute armor. he caused the brutes to have a virus. We might have a new map, but fortnite might come to an end. I saw leaks and i heard the visitor Say THE END! R.I.P Fortnite. 🙁

  3. 6:45
    I found it immersive to, not only do that challenge last considering you get the scientist but also search the pod last. I took the same path but it was so easy because the island was at the bottom left and it was so close to loot lake

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