Sunday, 26 May 2019

Fortnite vs PUBG: 5 Things Fortnite BR Does Better

I have loved PUBG but i think it may be time to move on….It’s rumored Red Dead Redemption 2 and the next Battlefield will have Battle Royale modes; they should pay attention to what has made Fortnite so popular!

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31 thoughts on “Fortnite vs PUBG: 5 Things Fortnite BR Does Better

  1. Dobbin's point on the dynamic battles of FN vs the peeking battles in PG is definitely true. Dynamic battles are exactly what made me love Battlefield 3. Enemy tank causing you problems but he already blew yours up? No problem! Just strap some C4 to your jeep and bail out at the last second and 1 shot that sumbish. Did he figure out your trick? Just kamikaze a jet into him next time and then drop C4 on him from your parachute. The keyword is OPTIONS, and while I enjoy what PG has to offer more, the game isn't responsive enough for me to have those kind of peeking twitch battles.

  2. Well i just started getting into mobile pubg and its fun I like it. I get like 10 kills each match but I would play fortnite every time I try to load up its slow and I lose patients xD Ill give fortnite a go but on my console i hate it 😛

  3. Btw to all the people complaining about his political inclusions and mixing it with his gaming discussions, it’s part of his presentation. If it makes you uncomfortable, then that might be a good thing. I for one believe that it is healthy to have one’s beliefs challenged by contradictory information. Otherwise we’d all be putzes that are incapable of critical thought.

  4. Fortnite just isn’t fun for me. It’s just way way too easy. When I played fortnite for the first game I played like I do on PUBG and I won with 1 kill, second time I won with 8

  5. I play both Fortnite and PubG and the difference in game play is the building. That's what I see. Granted your chances to get a good gun is higher in Fortnite, but I see campers on Fortnite all of the time and a lot of crazy gunfights on Pub G. It all depends on the way you want to play it. Great video, entertaining and great as always. Forget about this but hurt mindless slaves complaining, they're just mad because they don't know how to think for themselves.

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