Saturday, 25 Jan 2020


Fully geared in 5-6 minutes? Easy! Go to the marked and highly simple route in Georgopol and you’ll be set for victory!
A great place to land and loot that you should not miss out on.

I hope you enjoy another of my pubg / playerunknown’s battlegrounds guide / tutorial videos which is filled with my best tips & tricks.

Music: Sappherios – Passion
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  1. Simple:
    -Pochinki: good stuff, a lot of kill possible
    -Yasnaya: bigger than pochinki, more stuff and more frag
    -Milta: no one go there, peaceful city, good stuff, go there if you want to begin a match in a soft way
    -School: there’s not a lot of people and there’s good stuff and Rozhok isn’t far

  2. Just won a game using this loot route and my god it was perfect, perfect circle so I was able to do route A and B, the only thing I missed out on was Level 3 vest and helmet but I got a fully kitted M416 with suppressor AND M16 with suppressor, all the meds you could possibly think of and a gratuitous amount of ammo! Couldn't ask for something better. Didn't need to change my loot all game and didn't need to loot bodies so it was all focussed on getting that chicken dinner! 😀 Thanks heaps for all your tricks and tips, always keeping up to date, you definitely need more subscribers, everything you do is perfection, keep it up!

  3. i go there and 3 of them didnt have guns two of them only had pistols i walked out with an ak with 30 bullets a lvl 2 backpack lvl1 everything else no sights 1 first aid and on pain thats basically what i get most times i drop there except for some lvl 2 helmets idk rip me

  4. Wow on the first try , i found Level 3 Helmet on route b on the first house it's such a good place , you should do Pochinki next cause i think it's the most loved city in the game <3 Anyways Keep up the good work :)))

  5. since 2 days everyone is landing in south georgo, noone likes containers or hospital anymore, and im wondering why… now i know: u killed my fav lootroot 🙁
    so my advise, dont tell any lootroots anymore!

  6. Hey Wacky, love your videos bro. Don't forget about us when you're huge.

    Would love to see more loot spots like these they're insane. I never realized specific houses make such a huge difference I thought it was all random and just depended on what area you're in, so say Georgopol, Novorepnoye etc. If you have any great Rozhok or Pochinki starters would love to see those!

  7. The funny thing is this spot has been known about since alpha for a good loot path or having exceptional looting for defense and general loot per minute. Even before this video it has been a spot huge amounts of people drop at to fight or at least try loot and fight. I use another path and area around here and just let others loot it for me so i can nail them and get all their goodies.

    One thing everyone here needs to know is there are LOADS of good glitch spots and camping locations here and that you are certainly not safe looting here therefore it is a useless spot to loot unless you are aware of your surroundings (aka don't listen to music or shit while you are in loot phase, i learnt that one the hard way one time).

    Another thing i should point out is the area is dangerous because of 3 locations highly sought after. 3 Warehouse, Hospital and container. Each area has high traffic, each game if it allows it you will see 4-6 people go to hospital, up to 2 could or would go warehouse, and the rest seem to brawl in containers. If you land in the location shown in the video expect a push from containers if there is little action over there, or a push from hospital as they are coming for the car spawns, the warehouse though is the biggest threat as if they don't push hospital early they WILL come over to double six house, almost bee lining their way to it after a quick run through warehouses. So expect company going to the locations shown by wacky or think of a good spot to run off to, to get ready for action.

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