Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

GUIDE: PINK BLOOD – Is it better? (+How to get it) – PUBG

Having pink/purple blood in pubg is a fun gimmick – but does it also make it easier to spot hits?
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35 thoughts on “GUIDE: PINK BLOOD – Is it better? (+How to get it) – PUBG

  1. many ppl have coler problems so sure for more ppl than not the pink cooler is better but they never would go to a doctor and ask him about it my doc told it to me and i refused it to beleave but after i tryd many hrs in games like pubg with the coler blind mode i found out i rly have a red green problem and i need sometimes 5 to 10 replays to rly see 100% where i hit with the blood indicator with coler blind mode i spot it every fkn time in every fkn sek so mb its your eyes and not the other coler thats more visable 😀

  2. Not you specifically wacky, but why don't people know the difference between pink and purple? Photo competitions asking for purple images, half are pink. It's strange.

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