Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019

HOW To *COUNTER* Tough Opponents in Fortnite! – Season 10 Tips and Tricks

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26 thoughts on “HOW To *COUNTER* Tough Opponents in Fortnite! – Season 10 Tips and Tricks

  1. Something ive found works fairly well is that if someone is trying to build battle you (building to the skies) stay at the bottom and shoot their supports. They’ll come tumbling down to the bottom and if you are ready with a shotgun and rifle you can kill them pretty quick. I dont come across people that do this very often as i started playing at season 3 and stopped at 4 so i dont have many wins but majority of the time i come across one of these guys is to box up at the bottom and shoot out their supports. It definitely works when you cant build very quick

  2. See there’s 1 friend I have who NO MATTER WHAT I can’t out play them I can’t think on my feet that well especially under pressure when I’m panicking cause they edit build and shoot faster then me because they play pc and I play Xbox not gonna lie I’m actually pretty darn good for Xbox but still pc is better and I know that. so I’m trying to outplay em

  3. I’d like some tips, cuz I play on a high ping, but I wouldn’t say it’s unplayable, I play on 150ms sometimes 200ms ping so do you have any tips for me?

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