Monday, 26 Aug 2019

How To EASILY WIN A Solo In Fortnite Season 8! (Fortnite How To Win Solo – Season 8)

In this video today we’re gonna be going over how to win a solo in Fortnite season 8. I wanna start this video off by showing you guys a tweet by SypherPK from about 2 weeks ago. I think this tweet does good job of summarizing how a lot of players feel about the general state of solos right now. He says “Playing Solos tonight felt like playing 30+ point popup cup games. 80% of the lobby was very mechanically skilled, insane plays and insane players the entire night. I definitely wasn’t able…

30 thoughts on “How To EASILY WIN A Solo In Fortnite Season 8! (Fortnite How To Win Solo – Season 8)

  1. I got a few solo wins in season 8, I’ve gotten my best kill solo win ever of 18 kills, it’s on my channel and it would be great if you checked it you

  2. good aim sux because of bloom.. but if its far shots all enemy does is heal.. so you have to be close and shotgun… also if you get far kills like me.. you don't get rewards of kill.. mats and guns… so you stuck with crap guns. and 0 mats so I just build in middle of white circle asap.. so I don't have to move and hopefully have enough ammo to last till end… but most time run out of mats and ammo .. and only have green blue weapons.. maybe a purple if lucky. while always 10 pros in game and all have full mats and all orange weapns lol..

  3. It’s so funny when people complain about competition. “I can’t just casually slay newbs while chatting anymore ::cry face x100::” the point of the game is to win, not talk about the soaps you watch when moms at work. Go play club penguin if you wanna chill with children. “Oh no people are starting to get better than me I better start complaining and trying to have the game changed waaaaa”

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