Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Is The Car Worth It? Chevy Camaro 2016 SS – Asphalt 8 Episode 10

After 20 hours of trying to upload this video and clearing out space in my computer, I am proud that I managed to upload this! FINALLY! Thank you guys so much for 3.2k subs!! Please drop a like if you can as I am utterly exhausted from this video. Thanks!

42 thoughts on “Is The Car Worth It? Chevy Camaro 2016 SS – Asphalt 8 Episode 10

  1. You should do the diss track, gameloft deserve this. Gameloft do the worst update in A8.
    Ps: aris can i ask for something, can u send me some tokens i want to buy the range rover pls

  2. Don't do the disstrack they'll 99.99% ban you and
    00.00 will forgive you
    All we have to do is posting on their website if we can
    I don't know if we can cuz I don't visit it
    But if we can, let's post a comment about the huge insane expensive prices
    It changed to worse, when I was a new player I was struggling to get an Audi R8 e-tron for ONLY 7000 credits
    It was a lot cheaper
    Watch gocalibergaming's videos and you'll understand what i'm saying
    I mean the Survolt
    It was 8600 credits (that's what you said in old videos)
    Now it's 45000 credits ?????????!????????!!!!
    Da f***?

  3. LOL When I was just letting you have views when the next video was coming I was on A8 homepage and like the cars that are on sale are there right so…I just saw a camaro i thought it was the GS on sale but it was actually the Chevy 2016 Camaro SS xD!

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