Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

Lickilicky SB+BS is amazing in Ultra GO Battle League Rank 10 Pokemon GO | Typhlosion + Poliwrath

In this video I’ll actually be using Lickilicky in a correct team and not paired up with Snorlax meme team.
▪️Shadow Ball Lickilicky preformed well!
▪️Typhlosion rips and tears its opponents
▪️Why is Lickilicky better then Snorlax? Because of Shadow Ball

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34 thoughts on “Lickilicky SB+BS is amazing in Ultra GO Battle League Rank 10 Pokemon GO | Typhlosion + Poliwrath

  1. I’ve only seen one other person using Typhlosion. My favorite moments in Go Battle League involve one-shotting unsuspecting Swamperts with Typhlosion’s Solar Beam. Ahhhhhh, what a feeling…

  2. Please advocate for Niantic to give us a chance to evolve Lickitung to Lickilicky with Body Slam again. I say that since I am one of those that didn’t know we had to evolve during that timeframe and don’t have one…even though I did 20 raids during that time. Never saw an announcement on it. 🙁 Your voice is heard more than mine. I have complained to Niantic , however. Please and thank you!

  3. Nice video as always! And I'm one of them didn't realise that you can only get Body Slam on Lickilicky evolving them within the 3 hour raid and 1 hour after period. Don't think Niantic specifically clear that in their news notification. =.=

  4. Hello!
    First of all, thank you for your great vídeos!
    They really motivate me to go into PvP.
    I wanted to know your opinion about something .
    I dont have a Venasaur Nor a Meganium With Frenzy Plant . Is Sceptile a good Pokemon to invest? Since a i have a great one i wanted to know from a more experienced player if i should invest in it .
    Keep Up the Good Work!

  5. Hey pokeak you gonna be doing a power of lickitung also? I have a 98 shiny that I maxed and purchased the secondary move on and I’m loving him so far. Especially that power whip

  6. I'm so upset. I got the shiny Lickilicky at the last raid and I thought that I could evolve it later and I didn't. So now it doesn't have BS D:
    Niantic needs to be more clear about the evolution move times. It didn't say it anywhere in the announcement.

  7. Nobody in my local group even knew you could get bodyslam on licky, didnt see any mention of it anywhere beforehand and the ingame notification for the event has 0 mention of evolving lickitung for a bodyslam licky……. i cant be the only one

  8. I wonder what percentage of people who are interested in PVP, is? I'm assuming it's a low as most folks playing were not kids when Pokemon cards came out and the ones who have money to spend on the game. PLEASE do more videos for the typical player. I skip PVP videos now. Your fantastic videos that help the typical player are much appreciated.

  9. i mest up likitung raid day… I was intersting to get a good lickilicky for PVP… I did 26 raid, after the raid I was looking for chansey quest and forgot to evolve my good likitung… so now I have 26 useless bodyslam likitung… wath a wast of money… I realy should stop puting money in this game… so depressing…

  10. I heard you mention the thing that people do where you both take a loss it's when you get stuck on the charge move animation once they quit right? Well someone did that to me the other day and instead of closing out the app like I would normally do and take the loss I clicked the back button on my phone and then it gave me the win! Hope this could help.

  11. Is there any Pokemon that could replace Lickilicky that could make this team even better? Not even necessarily a tank type. Perhaps Clefable or Venusaur? Typhlosion and Poliwrath looked spectacular here.

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