Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020

*MUST* HAVE HEROES! The Best Heroes in Fortnite Save the World PVE

So who are the heroes that you MUST HAVE heroes in save the world? There is no single best hero but there are many to choose from based on your class choice. This is sorted in to class types but is no mean that type of guide. It is more a showcase of the best heroes based on the current meta. I hope this helps with your class choice!
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29 thoughts on “*MUST* HAVE HEROES! The Best Heroes in Fortnite Save the World PVE

  1. My personal picks ^^

    Dragon, for that insane aoe.
    Harvester, because man is that a fun subclass! 🙂

    Urban assault, just all around really strong, works everywhere and can do almost everything, an amazing hero for general combat use.
    Carbide, really powerful for consistant aoe when it comes to soldiers.

    Machinist, massive trap boosts are just plain amazing.
    Heavy base, less trap boosts, but bigger area and more plain damage just for putting the base there.

    Pathfinder, What can I say really, if you need farming, here's your pick.
    Enforcer, When doing lower level missions, and feel REALLY lazy, the bear is basicly an extra hover turret on 1 min cooldown.

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