Saturday, 21 Sep 2019


Cannot wait for the ledge grab mechanics!
Imagine the amount of new places to get to. All the new places you’ll have to expect people from.
PUBG is evolving my friends, and hopefully for the better!

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35 thoughts on “NEW ERANGEL MECHANICS? Kaymind PUBG Highlight

  1. I wanted to use this video as a discussion with you guys also, and get some community input on the upcoming changes!
    I have questions for you all and would get some feedback! (Be kind to eachother in comments ?)

    – Are you excited/happy with the current changes coming to Erangel (Map changes/haybale destruction/amphibious vehicle)?

    – With the addition of the ledge grab mechanic, how do you think this will affect your gameplay?

    – Do you think PUBG is heading on the right path now in terms of updates/vision for future of PUBG?

    – Finally, within balance of course, what would you like to see added to PUBG?

    Appreciate you taking the time to read and respond if you do!

    Much love,

  2. So far I'm happy with the changes, and I think the ledge grab mechanic could change the paradigm of the game. I'm not sure if the ability to traverse the playing field in this way will encourage a more passive play style though eg camping on high/difficult to see spots.

    The amphibious vehicle is kinda neat, will have to see how that plays out in actual games though. Having the ability to cross the river that separates the mainland from mil island without having to avoid bridge campers would be a nice way to counter that.

    As much as people hate the game PUBG has only ever improved imo, with a few missteps along the way. They are constantly adding little QoL improvements, and they do, on the whole, listen to the fan base.

    What would i like to see added to PUBG?
    A limit to the amount of grenades one can carry, maybe tied to the bag size or just a total cap of 2 or 3.
    The removal of the red zone, its not effective enough as a deterrent, and is just annoying.
    Bullet penetration to thinner objects like railings, furniture, thin wooden walls etc
    There also needs to be a higher risk/reward for the airdrop crates, but i dunno what

    That is all. Thanks for the great content and sick plays

  3. ello kaymind. I come from Vietnam. But that doesn't stop me from watching your video. It makes me feel comfortable every day. I love you very much. Try to make more videos. thank you very much

  4. I am a casual PUBG player (total noob) but I wanted maps to have a fresher feel to them, glad that they are doing it now. I would love to see how players would use the 'ledge grap' feature. Then the weaponsbneed a turnover too. Maybe new bolt action sniper rifles, newer DMR and map specific (AR). Amphibious vehicle is something I would call a true 'airdrop' specific!
    Looking forward to playing the game when the update hits the live servers.

    PUBG PC players may not like this, but I hate how PUBG Mobile has become literally worse with every update.

  5. That quality looks like 1440p compared to my 1080p in game. M wrong or m blind? By the way. May i ask u something. Wuts ur DPI and SENS in game cuz resolution looks like 1440p. Thanks for reply.

  6. your videos look better and runs smoother than the game does for me even in WQHD (you play FUllhd right?). FullHD just looks so much worse than this. i got i7 8700k, 16gb ram (3200), gtx 1080 ti Duke and evo 970 plus SSD. when i play fullHD the games looks shit even with sharpen filter enable. it cant be the additional 16gb ram that make such a difference. pretty lost browsing dozens of settings and configs with no good result. yeah, its not optimized, but as you got similar specs i just dont get whats the deal with all this. 🙁

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