Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

Pokemon Go Ireland – Dublin's Fair City [4]

Ireland Pokemon Go.Dublin has pokemon Lure’s and poke stops everywhere.I travel the Dublin’s Fair City and even end up in stephen’s green, the national wax museam and even more.Leaving cert results are out and I am out to catch ’em all.
Did someone say my fav pokemon was Aerodactyl?

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28 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Ireland – Dublin's Fair City [4]

  1. theres a hotspot in Dublin at a castle that across a road from a school and on the street I think its o connel street not to sure. anyway that street leeds to a pokestop called bussy bees thats the hotspot for houndoors,sableye,gasly and other ghost type and dark type pokemon. its by a flat the hotspot is. please visit pls.

  2. I live in Dublin Ireland, I was going to town that day but decided not to… I normally hang out near the spire for a bit…. Rip me… should of went ;-: could of saw one of my fave youtubers

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