Saturday, 19 Oct 2019

Pokemon Go : Niantic PLANS To Expliot 7k TRAINERS Worldwide To Please Sponsors, Promises Groudon Etc

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15 thoughts on “Pokemon Go : Niantic PLANS To Expliot 7k TRAINERS Worldwide To Please Sponsors, Promises Groudon Etc

  1. @thewavereport why are you hating so much on Earth day I have a full time job and work about 55 hours a week still got time to play Pokemon. I can find time to clean the parks do a good thing for once as everyone can. You can't tell me you don't have anytime to do a little to give back to mother nature. That would be a lie but please stop your making a big deal out of nothing. I like watching your stuff but this really got boring quick so repetitive you sound like a kid that didn't get his toy. But this is just advice don't take it the wrong way. If you ask me kids should do this every week once a week. It teaches them to care for other then just themselves.

  2. Dude…it's EARTH DAY. They did they same thing as last year. How is it disgusting? Don't participate, not mandatory. But, good god man…it's freaking EARTH DAY. chilllll

  3. Once again I'm going to have to disagree with you Wave … It's not about PoGo or the rewards you get … It's about helping to clean the planet … The Earth day event isn't for just 1 day it spans a 2 week period … No one is forcing anyone to participate

  4. i wont do jack shit for them unless they pay actual money like pokemon is virtual why would I help them with something that requires labor. They gonna get none from me I’d rather play on gta v PS4 where I can get 500k on game without having some ridiculous labor done

  5. I probably won't participate but why not 7K? The more people that are there the cleaner the Earth gets. I got no beef with Niantic for this and no one else should either. If you don't like the event you don't have to participate.

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