Monday, 22 Jul 2019

Pokemon GO Part 25 GIVEAWAY! Gameplay Walkthrough

Pokemon GO Part 25 GIVEAWAY! Gameplay Walkthrough

Pokemon GO Let’s Play! Catching Pokemon, Trainer Customization, Gym challenges and MORE!

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34 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Part 25 GIVEAWAY! Gameplay Walkthrough

  1. Awesome videos! Learned a lot from watching you. Here in Argentina we got the game last week and out of all the videos I watched to get an idea of the playstyle yours are the best! After getting used to you claiming gyms as team instinct, when I see blue or red gyms I see the enemy colour 😛

  2. I feel like a shit head for entering but at least I know I actually watch his videos so I'm not one of those people who just subscribe for giveaway…

  3. I KNOW HOW TO TRACK!! So you have to memorize where Pokemon spawn, I already learned 3 spots where Pokemon spawn.One Pokemon spawns at a park near me and the other spots are just other streets

  4. If i win i would give it to my sister… someone(little brother) accidently discarded her level 17 account pokemon. i gave her my level 5 account but she was still upset to this day

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