Monday, 22 Jul 2019

PUBG | How I hear footsteps so well

Part 2 is out! Learn exactly how to setup your audio drivers to start hearing footsteps much better –

!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!! Nahimic 2 is just audio drivers and appears to only be compatible with MSI hardware. But the same EQ settings can be used in other Audio Drivers

I go hard in Razhok where close combat rules the day. I feel super comfortable in these conditions because I usually have a sense where everyone is and I think it is mostly due to audio cues.


35 thoughts on “PUBG | How I hear footsteps so well

  1. I play on a console, which means noise canceling headphones are pretty important to have. I can hear where people are just fine and I couldn’t imagine improving it, because then I fear the game wouldn’t be as immersive. But when it comes to PC, it’s not uncommon for players to assess and adjust their sensitivities until it meets their comfort zone. Sleight advantages shouldn’t be considered cheating when literally every gamer is in control of their own console or PC. The biggest issue is hackers, not sound quality.

  2. You should do a voice over of a video of you playing. Not trying to explain this software while you're playing. It's like 5% you talking about the software, 95% gameplay and commentary. If I wanted to watch gameplay and commentary I would have searched for it.

    Video = gameplay
    Voice over = talking about what the video is about.

  3. It's not "cheating", but definitely entering the gray area of integrity. It's the same as using graphics mods to dumb textures and/or up player model contrast. If that's your thing, go for it, but I personally feel no satisfaction in stomping normies with any unnatural advantage. If you're a good shot, the game is easy enough.

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