Sunday, 8 Dec 2019

PUBG Mobile: Hack PUBG Mobile in Emulator. AimBot, Enemies locations, High Jump | Anti-Ban

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Hey guys! Cyber Sarkar here back again with another video, in this video, I tell how to hack PUBG mobile in emulator through a windows software. this method is 100% safe and secured and pubg mobile algorithm can’t detect this. when we hack pubg mobile in emulator then we have aimbot and enemy location and High Jump, Car Speed, Speed Landing, and many more.

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42 thoughts on “PUBG Mobile: Hack PUBG Mobile in Emulator. AimBot, Enemies locations, High Jump | Anti-Ban

  1. Thanks to all guys for comments.
    Many Guys Facing a problem called ” can't auth to server ” and there have not working.
    Solution- if you're unable to login with username/password then you can see a option above {username or password column on hack} which is { get free key or login with key } click on get free key and browser auto open and skip ads sites (it redirect 2 times) then a dego site open and show you key, this key auto detect by hack ( you not need to enter manually )
    You can see this ( for how to get key { I use get key method on this video } )
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  2. This could install a virus in your system or a bitcoin miner. Don't install the hack like fools. Only do when the source code is available online and it can be compiled by yourself! The l-dego page is not even encrypted. Anyone could listen to your email and password that you enter. If you enter your regular email's password here too, you are fucked

  3. Dear Admin,

    I am a regular PUBG Mobile player. And I am meeting such kind of cheaters in almost every game. And when I get killed by such cheaters I feel such anger inside me, a sort of hatred for this game but what can I do. I forget it and start another game. And the same things happen again.

    I just want to tell you is that I came in this video after I got killed by a cheater who was using 4x in a suppressed AKM and it just triggered me. I had 8 kills in the game and game was very good. But when I came in this video , I realized that I was doing wrong and I will not cheat. Some my friends had also used hacks. See , Nowadays it is that easy and available to hack this thing. It truely hinges the experience of Gamers and you are encouraging those cheaters and whoever gets killed by these cheaters come to this video and and become cheaters.

    My one request to you is that please don't upload these kinds of shits in YouTube. You are the reason of hatred that people are getting for Pubg Nowadays. Please make all these videos Private. You are doing this for views but you can get more views by uploading videos regarding Cyber Security and Technology reviews. Please understand me and don't ruin this game.


    – A Pissed of PUBG player who gets killed by cheaters regularly.

    EDIT : PLZ Accept this request for me . If you don't upload these kinds of videos and try something innovative . i will share that video to my friends and tell them to share it. Plz bro . I am really pissed off.

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