Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019


In this episode, I’ll be covering some lesser-known Pokemon that could be useful in the great and Ultra League.
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  1. I've got a question! What fast move do you have on steenix? I have a lvl 38 perfect iv steelix with IT & HS and have been debating fast tming to DT. It's a faster move that also fills the charge faster with better eps. So I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. They should just put a toggle for accepting PvP and and green light/dot in the friends list to showed u hv turn it on, red for off of cos…

  3. I just found out how good whiscash can be for the lower leagues. It has access to mud shot (or water gun) AND a 3 bar ground type move mud bomb. Used it against a friend and he was commenting how I was able to hit him in rapid succession with multiple mud bombs plus blizzard as an alternative charge move.

  4. Hey Poké AK! I just moved to anchorage the day before the quake! would love to add you as a friend and battle you some time!! Trainer Code :0342 0407 2887

  5. Of course! Ludicolo. It may not be as strong, but it has a rare dual typing which is water and grass, great coverage for any pokemon weak to water, ground, or steel types.

  6. I’m always down for a good battle. And agree to the legendaries, I enjoy great and ultra league because you can have fun with it, use a raticate and Pokémon that are like NU

  7. I think poliwrath is better for ultra league than Hitmonchan. Pretty few types he is vulnerable to, he has A TON of good resistances (bug, dark, fire, ice, rock, steel AND water), he got ice punch as well, paired with bubble which deals more damage and has more energy gain (7.33 for bubble vs 7 for both counter and bullet punch. You said bullet punch gives more energy than counter, which is not correct according to gamepress' spreadsheet of quick moves in pvp). Also dynamic punch has almost double the damage from brick break, even tho 3 bar moves are great, you already have ice punch which can trick people to waste their shield. ALSO the TDO difference is pretty big between hitmonchan and poliwrath (300 vs 250 ish). Poliwrath > Hitmonchan

  8. Regarding medacham I feel like 90% of the time it’s going to be neutral damage which medacham having low base stats wouldn’t be a good dual mon. Your the professor tho can you explain an example it would be good?

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