Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Smash 4 Marth Vs Smash Ultimate Marth Fair And Bair Hit Box Comparison [ Super Smash Bros Ultimate ]

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22 thoughts on “Smash 4 Marth Vs Smash Ultimate Marth Fair And Bair Hit Box Comparison [ Super Smash Bros Ultimate ]

  1. I've watched the whole video and here's my thoughts.

    Interesting to see the comparisons, and yeah those do look smaller than they are in Sm4sh however this still doesn't really change my opinion of Marth and how good he is.

    I still personally think Marth is busted in Ultimate even with these hitboxes. Then again I never mained (or *really liked playing*) Marth in any game other than Ultimate and heck in Sm4sh I basically mained Lucina. Because of that, perhaps it doesn't feel as impactful for me because of it.

    Also at least to me if I were to choose whether I wanted Marth's Sm4sh Aerials or his Ultimage Aerials, I'd still pick the Ultimate ones most notably for the way better landing lag.

  2. Holy crap I'd never seen the Smash4 hit boxes, much less a comparison of them. Now I get why people say the tippers are really inconsistent in this game since the beginning xd.

    This is really good info for the smash4 marth mains that I think will be as informative to them as it is painful. Thoses are seriously big nerfs and I also heard had less knockback?

    On a side note, just had the thought that it might be interesting if you compared Marth's hitboxes from all smashes… However it would take a lot of time and comparing it other than to smash 4 would not be of much use..

  3. I feel like near the end of Bair is easier to get a tipper on and near the middle of Fair is easier to get. Though the placement of hurtboxes on the opponent do greatly affect if those tippers land. Uair hitboxes are weird. Dair is the easiest of all to tipper.

  4. Great comparisons here, the bair hitbox seems noticeable to me making it harder to tipper. Fair I don’t notice too much of a difference but the hitbox does seem to be placed slightly higher up than what it used to be.

    Also Uair first frame of hitbox seems like it’s placed higher than what it used to be, I feel like it was easier to hit people underneath me.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to any other moves you dissect for us, this was actually really helpful and this kind of stuff is my favorite. I feel like nair reaches lower but has less range now but It’ll be interesting to see how it really compares.

  5. Great to see more analysis content and great to see you back! Honestly, I was thinking to myself before I hit the lab today, "Huh, I wonder if there's any use of Bair over Fair besides just killing earlier." Now that I look at the hitbox… eh. Probably will need more time to see whether or not I think RAR Bair has some good potential that Fair doesn't. Going to a tournament tomorrow, gonna rep Marth and see how things go. Keep up the good grind, man.

  6. Next patch, adjust the sour spot hitbox placements so they are closer to/cover more of Marth’s body, which will ultimately make Marth’s tipper hitbox less squished with the sour spots.

  7. Been a while, nice to see you back. I have a question. Since up air hitbox hits opponents tipper infront of marth do you think it makes it a good out of shield option that can possibly take stocks relatively decently.

  8. Very valuable information. It really sucks that marth mains have to go this in-depth into frame data just to make him barely viable in bracket. Sakurai really dropped the ball on his kit imo

  9. I think the biggest issue is that the middle hitbox more frequently has a greater overlap with the tipper hitbox. Technically this means he has the same amount of range as in Sm4sh on some of his moves, and the tippers aren’t actually smaller. Instead, it seems that the sourspots are actually BIGGER, and if they have a lower ID number than the tipper hitbox, when you technically hit with both hitboxes, the game immediately opts to use the sourspot as what inflicts damage on the target instead of the tipper one. I think if you move the sourspot hitboxes back to how they were in Sm4sh people would think his tipper sizes increased when in actuality they were made to activate in more scenarios when you actually hit them. Unless of course, the increased overlap is a way to promote greater necessary precision as a way to nerf Marth.
    Just look at 1:41. The sourspot hitbox goes beyond the intersection that we can see in the center of his Bair hitbox. In Sm4sh if we visualize it there again it doesn’t go that far at all.

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