Saturday, 19 Oct 2019

Sweeping my Sinister Cup Tournament in Pokemon GO

Fantastic start for season 2! Not a single loss

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42 thoughts on “Sweeping my Sinister Cup Tournament in Pokemon GO

  1. I utilized my legacy poli mudshot with dynamic punch and hydro pump and I'm telling you that NOT one person shielded their marowaks it was a 1-shot. 3-1 came in 3rd locally 😁 Great work man keep then pvp vids coming !

  2. It's honestly refreshing to watch a PvP tournament video from the POV of the actual trainer and just simply tell what you're doing and why you're doing it. There are a lot of other pvp youtubers who give tips that are useful, but nothing is better than actual tournament footage. Also, I know this would make your videos longer, but I would like to know why you choose the lead pokemon you do when you see your opponents line-up. Because I feel, lead advantage is so important, since your opponent is forced to make rash decisions while you can calm react and punish accordingly.

  3. i have a hundo poliwrath with legacy submission. hopefully an update improves that move 😭 after what happened with alakazam, i’m not risking it so i’m keeping it lol

  4. Very cool! I love the PVP videos – so I welcome them all! Congrats on the win! I was going to pass on Mawile, but I really liked seeing how you played yours…I think I'm going to invest in one!

  5. My gosh, you've inherited too much power!!!
    Seriously though, you played that cup like it was your phone. That was incredible. I've got to get myself a good Mawile.

  6. Congrats, PokeAK!!!
    I also won my weighted haha. Now I can go for some interesting sets
    Like now, I'm toying with the idea of triple Ghost (Banette, Awak, Dusknoir), double Fighting (Primeape and Poli) and 1 Psychic (Gard)
    If only I can get PuP on Mawile… sigh

  7. I was just thinking to myself this morning, "Next time I do a tournament video, Im gonna use BFG Division, it's a pretty kick-ass song"
    Damn you PokeAK and your mind-reading superpowers! XD

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