Saturday, 19 Oct 2019

The Combat Shotgun Has Become TOO DOMINANT… (Fortnite Shotgun Tips & Tricks)

In this video today we’re gonna be discussing why the combat shotgun is the most dominant weapon in all of Fortnite, and probably more dominant than the pump shotgun ever was. I’ll be the first person to admit that I was totally wrong about the combat shotgun. I bet some of you guys remember that the first few weeks after it was added into the game, the community as a whole viewed it as basically a joke of a weapon. Now, that was probably due to some combination of players being mad that it…

37 thoughts on “The Combat Shotgun Has Become TOO DOMINANT… (Fortnite Shotgun Tips & Tricks)

  1. I missed the season 1 when the best gun was the scar
    Shotguns shouldn’t be used as long range nor should have a tight reticle otherwise it’s literally a slug gun shotguns are close quarters weapons

  2. counter the combat shotgun. it is overpowered it kills in two shots. they need to make it a one shotgun, not a two-tap gun damn i keep getting combat shotgunned all the damn time so many scubs that have no skill use this gun i keep calling that gun the no skill gun

  3. I fucking hate this gun. I literally get killed by this ONLY when I literally view their inventory after death it shows usually a ar and a sniper yet they couldn't use a less inappropriate weapon? Fuck that I use tac shots over this any day it is a spammers tool and should be nerfed. And no I'm not talking combination with revolver Nerf I mean rate of fire Nerf. This shit is the plague of fortnite

  4. Now that the pumps in the game, overall the combats still better. If you miss a shot with the pump your dead. The fast fire rate and long range of the combat makes it more viable to have. Adding the heavy back permanently I think would bring more balance to the current shotguns

  5. 8:52 Nah, fuck that shit. Just vault the damn thing. Still bring back the pump or better Heavy or even better both but I just want the Combat gone. I can't believe people think double shotguns (S4's to be exact) is unfair but this is

  6. I noticed gronky puts his assault rifle first then his shotgun then smg then heals .. is it just personal preference.. or am I running my setup wrong.. I just got used to running shotgun first then Assault rifle.. I feel like this should be talked about in a vid from him because I honestly think there is something more to it

  7. why dont they vault the tack and add the pump back the shotguns would be balanced in there abilities

    i mean in creative matches whenever my friends switched to the pump id switch to the combat and vice verse and it was still pretty even

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