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Token upgrades. V8 engines. Ugh…

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42 thoughts on “THE NEW APOLLO N IS A WASTE OF MONEY – Asphalt 8

  1. It's not related to this video but should I buy mazda rx8 in class D or mercedez-benz CLA 45 racing series in class C? I'm currently in season 6 now. HELP MEEEE! can't decide which to buy

  2. Hi Aris, It just waste of money for you. Because your profile isn't good enough to grab it or you have lack of knowledge how to get it easily. Stop dishearten and misguide people. It can win without any V8 engine. Even if you use 3 engine it will return at least 20.

  3. what do you call an MP car that's good against the bad cars (well I say bad, my Twin Mill can beat pretty much anything that isn't an SE car or a Sagaris) but bad against the really good ones?

  4. Asphalt 8 newb here. I started the Apollo N championship (and put some money into it) not knowing that the car isn't too good. I'm not into multiplayer races, but I do enjoy collecting the cars. Now, I'm only waiting for more free tires to complete the Alps grand finale, so backing out would be pointless. I've seen some comments saying that compared to the Buick Riviera championship (which I didn't participate in since I didn't have access to any farming race for the car upgrades back then), the Apollo N championship is hella hard.

    My question is, are championships usually easier? Is it possible to get the reward cars without spending any money at all?

  5. GUYS!!! If you want to get V8 Engines, then watch the free ads and open the Red Free Boxes!!!! I opened 31 boxes and got 5 V8 engines, swear to god!!! That is the secret to getting V8 engines!!! TRY IT!! I did it many times not once! Now go win the car!

  6. – a day late… I just had to spend on it… now i am committed… & to hope it might be a mid rank king if lucky as rumors say… but what rank & omfg, to actually win it??? i shoulda saved but seems still realistic possibility just barely… 🙁

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