Monday, 27 Jan 2020

The SECRET to the 4X Scope – Hit moving targets EASILY – PUBG

Super happy that I found this! Can’t wait to use it myself!
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42 thoughts on “The SECRET to the 4X Scope – Hit moving targets EASILY – PUBG

  1. Thats no secret.. those lines on the side are meant exactly for that.. thise lines represent speed of the target example first line when the target is moving 20km/h second 40 and so on

  2. Nice video. But why is that so? Shouldn't the point to aim at move away from the center of the reticle more consistently as the distance to the target increases?

  3. Im sorry but this video is pointless. You'd need a new calculation of the spot to aim for with each direction the player is running. Thats to say, this example you are using only works for a directly left to right and vise versa running path. But when the target is running somewhat towards or away from you this trick will cause you to miss instead. People should just learn that there is a difference in flight speed on each gun and pick a few to use as DMR's. For instance the AK is completely useless for sniping. so if you are stuck with an ak and an m4 its better if you spent time getting to know the m4's flight speed. Simply look up the latest "spreadsheet" with pubg weapon stats and see which you prefer. Some come with more damage at the cost of other things such as speed.

  4. you deserve way more subscribers…
    always usefull informations in short and easy understandable videos….
    I‘m not a fortnite player but I‘m sure if you would also cover fortnite you would have a few mio. subscribers soon…

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