Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019

The Seven Biggest Mistakes You're Making In Fortnite Chapter 2!

In this video, I talk about seven of the biggest mistakes you’re making in Fortnite Chapter 2. These mistakes will include both specific gameplay errors, such as tricks or mechanics I see being used incorrectly, as well as more general mistakes that are holding you back from improving and getting better. On top of that, all of the mistakes I’ll cover are from the new season, new map, and new mechanics in Chapter 2. Ever since the new season started, I have seen a bunch of new and common…

28 thoughts on “The Seven Biggest Mistakes You're Making In Fortnite Chapter 2!

  1. Rotating is such an issue for my friends, I noticed in arena solos that I was always in the storm, so I started rotating early and going centre zone, but friends just don’t get it, I shout at them to go zone, get on this hill, and we would always survive if we did, but I get on a hill and oh look at that they have people rotating late in storm and people in front of them that I am in a perfect position to laser them and a much better way to (tactically) retreat if we are getting pressured because we have a massive hill blocking them from shooting us. It’s SO annoying

  2. Yo jerian I die to the storm a lot! I think I’m an above average player but for some odd reason EVERYONE wants to push me. It’s constantly, every other game at least. Is it a gameplay thing or is it my trash luck? (I also always get trash weapons and the person fighting me has like a golden pump 😢)

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