Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Why People Spoof in Pokemon Go…

Why Do People Spoof in Pokemon Go? I talk about some possible causes as to why people spoof! I also talk about why I understand it but I’m not saying I condone it!!! Enjoy!

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35 thoughts on “Why People Spoof in Pokemon Go…

  1. That's me everyday Harley any response but doesn't mean I'm going to start spoofing it just ruins the fun of the game I understand 9 10 year olds yeah because they can't move around without the parent fun adults no reason to be spoofing

  2. The interesting thing about the PoGo community is that breaking the TOS is something that is practiced my many.

    You will find many players, including YouTuber's, breaking the TOS all the time. Out of all of the rules that are broken spoofing is always targeted and seen as the worst possible thing that any PoGo player can do. The reality is multi-accounting, use of bot scanners in the past and other TOS deal breakers are/were heavily used by the majority of the PoGo community.

    I could go as far as saying that 95% of the verified level 40 PoGo club members have used raid scanners and used IV scanning bots in the past. Which is rather interesting because the justifications given for past usage of said tools is very similar to why people spoof.

    Players deem spoofing as an unfair advantage. Those same unfair advantages are painted in a different light by high level players and trusted PoGo representatives that are invited to events by Niantic. Using tools in the past to allow you to accomplish certain solos is deemed as an achievement.

    I could go on about this topic. I'll put it bluntly – – the PoGo community has unfortunately fallen into the trap of painting cheating in different ways. Justifying lots of things that go against the spirit of PoGo. Niantic is also responsible for allowing many things to go as far as they have. Not just by turning a blind eye to YouTubers that have cheated and broken the TOS of services blatantly in certain videos they have uploaded. Instead Niantic chooses to targets portion of the player base in hopes that it makes them seem to appear that they truly care about the community and fair play. If that was the case they would apply the same punishments not only to YouTubers that livestream their spoofing activities but also to those representatives that they have invited to events. Players that have broken the rules and call for Niantic to come down on cheaters relentlessly.

    I don't see that happening anytime soon. Niantic isn't really a company to follow through with actions that truly reflect their own views on cheating and the consequences of such behavior by their own standards.

    That's just my two cents.

    Don't be fooled by those that call on Niantic to fix the problem. They can't solve a problem they created and are unwilling to fix. Fixing it requires that they drag the community as awhole towards a reality check. One where very few people truly play the game fairly.

  3. I don't understand it, because going arround in the real world is the main point and the only reason why the game exists in the first place. If it wasn't for walking in real life, we would still only have the traditional Handheld Pokémon games. Its like participating in a running race but with a car. Or not just going to the race physically at all and fake the results making the managers of the race think you reached the goal running because you don't understand the concept of the race. If walking isn't something for you, maybe you shouldn't play a game that is based from the ground up on on that activity.

  4. im level 32 in a rural area i have no legendary pokemon except raikou (i just came back recently and started playing again and i got the research box thing) theres like 8 pokestops in my whole town all really spread out and id still rather not spoof (atleast on that ccount) bh spoofing is boring af ive tried for awhile on another account

  5. Just like in life, you gotta do what you gotta do xD. You can spoof and still be outside, unless you use the computer to spoof. But most phone spoof apps you can still use while out in the real world. So, it’s not really defeating the purpose of PoGO if you’re still out exploring while spoofing. Just giving my 2 cents on that 😉

  6. Wow, your big “unexpected” return to Pokémon go… how dull. A few complaints. First off, no one wants to see your shirtless. We came here to see Pokémon go not your body. But we barely even got Pokémon go. I understand you live somewhere with not many Pokémon but still if your gonna make a video make it worth the view. A rhyhorn and a magikarp just doesn’t cut it. Also the topic of the video is lame and done so many times before. People spoof for reasons like getting regionals and trading them with people and catching other cool stuff anywhere in the world. Anyhow, I wasn’t impressed and I bet many others feel the same way.

  7. Most people that spoof are just lazy people though and don't wanna see new things/places. I live in a very rural area and it's nothing crazy here, yet I'm level 36 and have never spoofed! Stay strong Elijah! Don't spoof! KORTNE, (did i spell it right?) If you see this keep him in check! He's not allowed to spoof lol

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